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Nash nerve root is comforted quit game, below self-confidence one won't is short of blast

Le 22 April 2014, 04:41 dans Humeurs 0

In the race that lake person group will lose ox line tomorrow, the Steve of lake person group - Nash is bumped into as a result of left knee, cause nerve root to comfort again and in advance leaves. Nash expresses after contest, he thinks he won't attend a contest to be opposite the contest of knight team jordan 11 bred for sale.

Current, nash bears without plan any medical treatment introspection, and the phonic message after the basis is surpassed, of Nash quiting game is the thinking that is in precaution completely.

Nash is after contest say: “ I feel to won't rest too long, I am knee bumped only just. ”

“ I think he should meet those who do not have a thing. Group of ” lake person advocate Shuai Mai is overcome - heart Anthony say.

In the contest tomorrow, nash hit 21 minutes, 4 cast 3 in lose 8 minutes 2 backboard 2 secondary attack Cheap Jordan 10 shoes.

Adversary: Ka Man is a tip big one of, meeting lose enters the court time

Le 22 April 2014, 04:41 dans Humeurs 0

Tomorrow lake person group not enemy in the contest of ox team, center of lake person group overcomes Reese - Ka Man was hit join in since lake person group a best contest.

Full-court contest, block graceful reserve to come on the stage 28 minutes, 23 cast 13 in lose 27 minutes 10 backboard.

“ he is blamed, but we love him. ” Kendall - Ma Shaoer say.

After contest, bold of ox line exterior line peaceful - Gibson also spoke of Ka Man jordan retro 7 for sale.

“ he is one of the toppest great stature, I think his meeting lose is very much enter the court time. ” Gibson say Cheap Jordan 12.

Division comparing talks about Ka Man to lie bench banquet: The old is absent, one shear is mad

Le 22 April 2014, 04:41 dans Humeurs 0

In the race that lake person group will lose ox line tomorrow, the division of lake person group is compared - Bulaiente also left the spot to watch an event.

After contest, division comparing mentioned condition of his knee the condition of an injury.

“ this is not me completely can pilot …… I am indispensible sit in this, wait silently next. ” division compares say cheap kids retro jordans.

Additional, reese is overcome before division comparing also was mentioned - Ka Man is in the contest (be opposite a chivalric team, hand of lake person group is enough, bench banquet sky does not have one person) lie in the be related on bench banquet.

“ Ka Man lies in the …… on bench banquet this is absent like the old, one incision end becomes mad and same. ” division is worn than laughing say Cheap Air Jordan Womens.

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